Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day on the Coast

Party of Tew spent the Fourth of July at Dauphin Island with Brad's family. I would have posted pics sooner but our home laptop has bit the dust which makes emailing and blogging a bit tricky.

Addi Girl soaked up the sun and the surf like a little water baby. Here is a snapshot of our laid back holiday...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hippy Hop Party for Frances

Yesterday we hopped on over to the Busbee's for this little rabbit's first birthday party.

Lauren had everything decorated beautifully to coordinate with the rabbit theme. Lots of creative party decor ideas!

Walker and Kathryn's birthday party was also this weekend and they still had their awesome slip and slide rented. After Frances cake was cut, the kids - notice Brad is the biggest kid of all- wasted no time slipping on their swimsuits.

Unfortunately, Party of Tew missed the twin's bday party but I'm sure the Busbee Buzz will have a write-up of the weekend festivities soon:) Happy Birthday kiddos!