Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Lil Mommas


This is my oldest and dearest friend, Kristen. Isn't she the cutest lil momma you've ever seen? Believe it or not, she is 37 weeks preggers in this pic. She is teeny tiny! Kristen and I first met in preschool at the age of four and we have been friends ever since but I rarely get to see her these days. Kristen and her husband have been missionaries overseas and now they live in South Carolina. But somehow we always manage to pick up right where we left off regardless of how much time is past. That's a testament of true friendship!

Kristen at 37 weeks and Yours Truly at 30 weeks

I was able to attend Kristen's baby shower and she received so many beautiful sweet things for baby Mary Jane. If you would like to follow MJ's arrival, check out Kristen and Corey's blog here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gone Fishin'


A few weeks ago, Addi Girl had her first fishing trip with Granny Ham and her Great Aunt Charlotte.


It wasn't long before she had her first fish on the line...



...she insisted that it be thrown back immediately. Once it was out of the water, Addison didn't want anything to do with that slimy, floppy fish.





I think this expression perfectly summarizes how she felt about fishing.



I don't think fishing will be this girl's favorite past-time but perhaps horseback riding will be:)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olivia the Pig Party


This year, we celebrated Addison''s birthday with an Olivia the Pig party. Olivia is by far her very favorite cartoon and she can watch it for hours on end. It was such a fun day and Addison was excited to have all her favorite people come to her party. Below is a peek at her special day....


We kept the menu kid friendly and slightly "pig" themed with pigs in a blanket, cheesy ham sammies, heart-shaped PBJ's, spinanch dip, pasta salad, strawberries with fruit dip, red velvet cupcakes and ranchy cheese-its. 



Addison's birthday is the week of Valentine's Day so I incorporated lots red and pink into the decorations.

Addison gave her pint-sized party goers V-day M&M's and red, homemade playdough in their favor bags.



The cake didn't turn out quite like I imagined or really anything like the pictures I gave the bakery. Oh well. Addison could have cared less and the cake was absolutely delicious. That's all that matters right?





I found Addi Girl's birthday outfit on Etsy here.



This bubble blower was her favorite birthday gift and is still one of her go-to toys.



Monday, April 30, 2012

The Last Six Months - Part Two


Can you believe Addi Girl turned two back in February? Two. Time is passing by far too quickly. Sometimes Addi will say the sweetest thing or do something hysterical and in that moment I want to freeze time.


This little girl requested "an cakes" a.k.a pancakes for her birthday breakfast. It was my idea to add the candles;)


We celebrated Addison's special day with friends and family. I'll post pictures soon!

Since this winter was so warm, we spent a lot of time at the zoo. 


The goats are still Addison's favorite attraction.

Addison's cousins even joined us at the zoo one day. These four are all the great grandchildren on my dad's side of the family. It was so much fun seeing them play together. I just wish they could see each other more often.




The stray dog, Little Mama, that has taken up residence at my parents' house had puppies - again. Addison couldn't have been more thrilled.


The Easter season was full of fun events including an egg hunt at our church. Oh how this girl loved hunting eggs - especially when she figured out there was candy inside.



This is Addi Girl's best friend, Price, and she is smitten.



My friend Leah hosted the most precious Easter party for her son and all his friends...



the Easter Bunny even made an appearance...


Addison was so terrified that she literally trembled with fear.


After we reassured Addi Girl that the Easter Bunny had come and gone, she couldn't scamper down the steps fast enough to see her basket. Check out that hair do...



its a good thing that the Easter Bunny thought to include a pink and purple hair brush in her basket.







After an Easter egg hunt for all the cousins, The Tew Crew celebrated Brad's 29th birthday with an impromptu cake. One year to go before the big 3-0!