Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

Our Thanksgiving holiday in Mobile came and went quickly! Below is a recap in photos:

Cousins Walker and Kathryn

Addison's newest cousin, Frances

More cousins

Addi's first taste of turkey and dressing

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Tomorrow is December 1. Wow, where has this year gone? With Thanksgiving behind us, you know what comes next…Christmas. Has someone been stealing pages from my calendar because I feel that it is impossible for it to already be December. Of course that means it’s time to pour the eggnog, hang the mistletoe…and order Christmas cards. Believe it or not, Brad and I have been married three years and haven’t ever mailed a single Christmas card but this year we have an extra special cover girl for our Christmas cards:) So I have been on the search for the perfect card design to showcase Baby Girl and all her sweetness.

My search ended after I visited Shutterfly and saw their new holiday card designs. I must say that the folks over at Shutterfly stepped it up this year with a great balance of traditional design with whimsical features.

Some of the options even look as though you commissioned a graphic designer to create you Christmas card especially for you. But the great thing is, Shutterfly cards have the look of custom but the price of ready-made. In fact, most of the cards are currently 30 percent off! And if you want FREE Christmas cards, check out this special offer here – you can’t beat FREE (especially when you have to mail cards to a family that is as big as mine – you would think we were Catholic:)

I especially like the cards that feature a full, 5x7 photo with minimal text.

Now I just have to get my little busy bee to agree to pose for a photo shoot.
{all images via Shutterfly}

Monday, November 22, 2010

South Bound

Hello my few faithful followers! Addison and I trekked south last Friday to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Pops and Tula. We flew, our transportation mode of choice, and I made a few observations at our gate. You know you are on a plane to Alabama when:

a) The man sitting next to you is actively using a his 32 oz Dr. Pepper bottle as a dip cup and it is almost full.

b) No less than half the passengers are wearing crimson hats

We made it to Alabama safe and sound and Addison behaved herself on the plane... for the most part...except for pulling the man's hair-from his already balding head-in the seat in front of us and swiping the noise canceling headphones from the head of the off-duty pilot sitting beside us.
Addi would have left the plane with an ipod nano and pilot wings if I hadn't pried them out of her mischievous little hands. That poor pilot...he didn't know what he was in for when he sat down beside Addi Tew.

Hopefully he found Addi's antics adorable rather than annoying. She tried her best to charm that pilot by waving at him and "pat-patting" his arm.

He seemed to understand and I was very apologetic.

I mean who could be mad at cutie pie like this?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nine Months and Growing

Baby Girl turned nine months old earlier this week and today we paid the pediatrician a visit for a check-up.

To quote the doc, "She is as healthy as a little horse" and "she is the size of a 12-15 month old".

20.2 lbs (74 percentile - she's seems to have slimmed up since she started crawling)
29 1/2 inches (99 percentile - she's really tall)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the P.M.

Addi's favorite time of day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In the A.M.

Addison keeps a tight schedule in the morning. Here is a glimpse of my busy little bee at work in the a.m...

1. Say "hello" to my favorite toy

2. Play under the coffee table...

for a really long time.

3. Read a book

4. Get a shapes tutorial by Momma

5. Explore the dining room

6. Cook something yummy for Daddy in my kitchen

7. Throw toys across the living room

8. Read my favorite book...again

9. Pose for momma and that silly camera

10. More exploring

11. Even more exploring followed by high-pitched squealing

12. Look for squirrels

Whew! Momma's exhausted and its not even 10 a.m.