Monday, April 30, 2012

The Last Six Months - Part Two


Can you believe Addi Girl turned two back in February? Two. Time is passing by far too quickly. Sometimes Addi will say the sweetest thing or do something hysterical and in that moment I want to freeze time.


This little girl requested "an cakes" a.k.a pancakes for her birthday breakfast. It was my idea to add the candles;)


We celebrated Addison's special day with friends and family. I'll post pictures soon!

Since this winter was so warm, we spent a lot of time at the zoo. 


The goats are still Addison's favorite attraction.

Addison's cousins even joined us at the zoo one day. These four are all the great grandchildren on my dad's side of the family. It was so much fun seeing them play together. I just wish they could see each other more often.




The stray dog, Little Mama, that has taken up residence at my parents' house had puppies - again. Addison couldn't have been more thrilled.


The Easter season was full of fun events including an egg hunt at our church. Oh how this girl loved hunting eggs - especially when she figured out there was candy inside.



This is Addi Girl's best friend, Price, and she is smitten.



My friend Leah hosted the most precious Easter party for her son and all his friends...



the Easter Bunny even made an appearance...


Addison was so terrified that she literally trembled with fear.


After we reassured Addi Girl that the Easter Bunny had come and gone, she couldn't scamper down the steps fast enough to see her basket. Check out that hair do...



its a good thing that the Easter Bunny thought to include a pink and purple hair brush in her basket.







After an Easter egg hunt for all the cousins, The Tew Crew celebrated Brad's 29th birthday with an impromptu cake. One year to go before the big 3-0!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Last Six Months - Part One

Its no coincidence that my blogging hiatus began in November and has lasted over six months...Addi Girl is going to be a big sister! We are beyond blessed about adding a precious baby boy to our family in July. For the most part, this has been an easy pregnancy except the fatigue has been almost unbearable at times. But, I haven't been sick so I won't complain.


Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity to tell our immediate family about our newest addition. This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family. Almost my entire extended family lives in my hometown which meant multiple Thanksgiving feasts!





If I had actually mailed Christmas cards this past year, this would have been the picture I used. I'm sorry if you thought the Tew's left you off the mailing list;)



Christmas was extra special and very exciting this year since Addison was old enough to understand and participate in all the traditions.


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with Brad's family this year. Brad and I tried to establish our own family traditions. On the evening of Christmas Eve, we read the story of Jesus' birth from the book of Luke. Then we gave Addison three presents to open just as the wise men gave three gifts to Jesus.


These animals were one of those gifts and her little face was priceless when she opened them. After spending hours in stores playing with them, she finally had some little animals of her own.



Cookies and milk were left for Santa and somehow he found Addi Girl all the way in Mobile...





Since Brad is fortunate to enjoy a long Christmas vacation, we were able to celebrate Christmas with my family over New Year's.



The little pink kitchen was by far Addi Girl's most favorite gift. She will play for almost an hour at a time just cooking in her room!


"The Last Six Months - Part Two" is coming up soon!