Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Drive and a Bit of Advice

Appalachian Mountains somewhere between NC and TN
I have packed my bags once again and headed back to Alabama for a couple of weeks. I am leaving Sweet Brad and a beautiful fall behind in North Carolina. My drive down on Monday, was absolutely gorgeous despite the winding two-lane mountain roads I had to navigate. Early Monday morning, I had to change my driving route at the last minute due to a random rock slide on I-40. My drive was VERY long and unfamiliar, but I finally made it home.

In other news, I would like to share a bit of advice on how to speak and interact with pregnant women...

1. It is ALWAYS inappropriate to make negative comments about a pregnant woman's size. For example:

Woman in Sam's: "When are you due?"

Me: I smile and say, "February 10."

Woman in Sam's: With shocked expression, " Really?! That far away?!"

You might as well just call me fat to my face.

2. NEVER pat, rub or touch a stranger's belly bump...NEVER...I know, this is a tough one. Resist the urge. For example:

Woman in Wal-Mart Customer Service Line (young woman with three, unruly snot-nose kids): Woman turns to me in line and says, "OH, is it a boy or a girl???!!!!" She then proceeds to grab my belly with both hands and doesn't let go.

side note: remember this is a complete stranger

Me: With shocked, wide eyes I say, "Girl."

Woman in Wal-Mart Customer Service Line: While still man-handling my baby bump, "OH, don't you just LOVE being pregnant??!!"

Me: Still shocked and expressionless I say, "Yes, I am excited."

Woman in Wal-Mart Customer Service Line: Says to unruly, snot-nose children, "Do ya'll remember when Mommy was pregnant??!! Do ya'll want to feel the baby??!!"

Her children take their dirty little hands and start rubbing and patting my belly. At this point, I am dumbfounded and very anxious. I begin scanning the check-out lines for security. In my mind, I am screaming, "STOP!! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!!"

The whole occurrence, eerily reminded me of a recent Private Practice episode were a crazy woman cuts one of the main character's baby out of her belly and kidnaps the baby.

To recap, it is NEVER acceptable to touch a stranger's belly bump.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Addison Paige Tew

Last week, we had a 4D ultrasound and we were able to put a face with a name:)

The ultrasound technician spent over an hour showing us this sweet baby squiming around inside my tummy. It was so neat to feel her move and then see what she was doing on the screen.
We can't decide who she looks like - the verdict is still out. The only thing we know for sure is that she has LONG fingers and toes and may be a thumb sucker.

Three months is a long time to wait...I can't wait to meet her.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Icing on the Cookie

Meet Katie and Shelby Adams, proud owners of Birmingham's newest sweet shop Icing on the Cookie. Over the past year, I've had the pleasure of working with Katie at UAB and I am thrilled that her business endeavour is off the ground and running!

Icing on the Cookie is your one stop shop for delicious customized cookies that are perfect for any occasion.

Love this little onesie - great for a baby shower!

I promise these cookies taste as good as they look! Each cookie is large - over a half inch thick with buttery, almond goodness.

I have ordered cookies from Icing on the Cookie a couple of times and haven't been disappointed yet. Be sure to order plenty - they fly off plates in a blink of an eye!

These cookies also make great party favors. Icing on the Cookie will individually wrap your cookie in clear bags with matching ribbon.

The owls are my favorite:)

Be sure to check out their website. They even take online orders and ship anywhere in the country! If you don't see a design you like, chances are they can make exactly what you want. Icing on the Cookie offers hundreds of cookie designs to choose from. Plus, new designs will be added to the website in coming weeks.

If you don't need a custom order and just want an afternoon sweet treat, stop by their new bake shop and choose a seasonal cookie out of the case:)

2907 Central Avenue, Suite 101
Homewood, AL 35209
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Home Again

I can assure you there isn't a random block of brown paint on our front porch - just covering up our address. I'm sure you understand!

Brad and I finally made it back to North Carolina! We left 80 degree temps in Alabama and 40-50 degree temps greeted us in NC. We've been home for a couple of days now, but I haven't had anything interesting to post:) The most excitement that we have had this week has been caused by this little guy.

The poor deranged Blue Jay has been dive bombing Kamikaze style into our windows for the past four days. He flies into our windows for hours on end! Each morning I think that maybe he has finally flown away or is dead in the shrubs. But, he reappears with vengeance each morning at about 8:30 a.m. He must have been dumb before, but now he has probably incurred substantial brain damage...bless his heart. Its kind of creepy that Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What the Chiweenie?

Meet Lucinda “Lucy” Hamilton – my newly adopted sister. Last week, dad brought Lucy home to mom who had mixed emotions about adding this little dog to the family. But, it didn’t take long for Lucy to pull at my mom’s heartstrings and make herself at home in the Hamilton household.

Lucy is a Chiweenie…my reaction exactly…what the heck is a Chiweenie?! It is a “designer” hybrid of Chihuahua and Dachshund. She is so tiny – 2 lbs and about 10-12 inches long from head to rump. I really enjoyed having her around while I was at home this week so much so that I wouldn’t mind having one myself. Too bad we aren’t allowed to have dogs in our North Carolina house!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

Last weekend, Brad and I braved the rainy weather and headed out to the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market for some festive fall decorations.

I went with $40 cash in hand and vowed not to spend a penny more – boy was that hard! Not because of high prices, but because I wanted at least one of every pumpkin variety and a mum color!
Of course, I couldn’t leave without a bouquet of fresh cut dahlias…sweet Brad was so patient as I strolled from vendor to vendor comparing prices and quality.

Notice how the Cinderella Pumpkins in this picture are super shiny? The farmer told me he sprays them with polyurethane to get the glossy look – nice trick!

Once we got home, I couldn’t wait to set my table and bring out my “fall” dishes. Aren’t the little Boo Pumpkins cute?

Oh, and the viney berry stuff is called Bittersweet. The farmer said it grows in the Application Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. Once again, he told me to spray it with polyurethane to help preserve it. Who knew polyurethane could be so useful?

Forgot to make a pic of our front porch decorations before I left for Alabama. Will post soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nursery Diaries - Part One

I know, I know…I have neglected our blog lately. Never fear…all is well…just busy with work and trying to live in two states at one time:)

First things first, Baby Tew and I are doing great! I am 22 weeks now and feeling much better these days. She is growing like a weed – 9 inches long, 14 ounces and her current size puts her in the 75 percentile. We haven’t named her yet, but we are working on it! Deciding on a name is much more difficult that I had anticipated.

I took this pic in my sister's room at my parent's house. Purple is her favorite color:)

A few weeks ago, Kala (she hasn’t updated her blog in ages) invited me to go with her to market in Atlanta. I had planned to put a dent in my Christmas shopping, but instead I scored lots of swag for the little girl’s nursery.

My first purchase was this floral fabric by Doodlefish (Duralee "Layla"). Now I am on the hunt for some coordinating fabric!

I also purchased this iron chandelier by Bethel. A chandelier is not on the short list of necessary nursery must-haves, but I couldn’t resist!