Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Waiting on a Warm-up

It is freezing here. I thought it was supposed to be spring. Instead I'm shivering under my electric blanket. Punxsutawney Phil, I've lost all faith in your predictions. 

Last week was spring break around these parts, and it was pretty chilly and rainy. No big trips or vacations for us this year so we had to come up with ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Most of our time was spent lounging around the house in our pjs. I love a good pj day. 

When I walk into this little guy's room when he wakes up, this is what I see. Those two big blue eyes peeking over the top of his bumpers.

It takes everything I have not to nibble on those chubby little arms. I could just eat him up!

Despite the cooler weather last week, we did make it to the zoo with friends. I think everyone else in town thought it was a good idea to spend the day at the zoo too. It was beyond crowded and I hate crowds. There are forms of  terrorist torture that I might opt to endure instead of fighting for a glimpse to see the giraffes. 

Even though it was crowded we had a fun time with our friends and it was good to get out of the house.

One morning running errands was on the agenda and Miss Sassy thought it was appropriate to dress up for the occasion. Needless to say she got a lot of attention every where we went.

We also colored Easter eggs. Until last week I hadn't colored Easter eggs since I was a little girl. I think I enjoyed it as much as Addison did:)

I read several blog posts via Pinterest on how to achieve pastel hues or brilliant hues with egg coloring. And how to make fancy dancy designs nothing short of artistry. In the end, I opted for the easy route and used one of those Paas kits. It worked just fine and we had fun in the process.

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laurenbusbee said...

Can I nibble on those chubby little arms too?!? That little guy is just precious, and Addi Girl is the sweetest too!